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Flight School Association of North America
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Tailwheels Etc. Flight School

AOPA Presidents Award

One Of the USA's FIRST FSANA Accredited Flight Schools!

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Flight School Owners Jonathan and John Amundsen

Jonathan and John Amundsen Originators Of The Accelerated Flight Training Program

Don't settle for imitators. We originated the accelerated flight training program, based on a program developed by the US Navy during WW2. Other flight schools may say they have accelerated programs, but they don't have ours!

We make flying SO MUCH FUN, our students recommend our flight school to their friends and family for their private pilots license experience.


Learn to fly with us and get your private pilots license in two weeks!

With our accelerated flight training, you can eliminate unproductive time and acquire your certificate (or license) in about 50-60 hours of flight training and instruction. This is possible in just 2 weeks!

We Hire The Best To Make You The Best

Our flight instructors are the reason our students keep coming back to us, for flight training.

At Tailwheels Etc. Flight School we only hire the best. Everyone, from the owner to the receptionist, is the best at what they do. We insist upon it!

We also like to give our prospective a students a chance to see the planes they will be flying.

Flight School Training Aircraft



Tailwheels Offers a discount to the military

FAA Approved Part 61 and Part 141 Accelerated Flight Training School

This school is authorized under Federal Law to enroll non-immigrant alien students.

Take a "DISCOVERY FLIGHT" for only $99!

astaronaut john m grunsfeld

Astronaut John M Grunsfeld flew with us for an Instrument proficiency check, and his daughter flew with us to finish her private license.

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